Creator of the site Falat Milan-Casula

Our project was born from a 'real need ...

I was on vacation and I dislocated arm doing kite-surfing, and I needed to find a hospital or a doctor, I tried to look at the site where I booked my holiday but I did not find any mention on useful services ... After a few days looking back ... that's the idea!!

Why not build a website where you can find everything you need or you may need during your holidays with a single click???

The same site where you booked your holiday that allows you to know and find everything you want: your hotel on the map and directions, the local area, doctors or hospitals, companies that organize excursions or sports centers, the shops, the best restaurants, etc..

So one step at a time, the idea has turned into something real with the help, ideas, efforts and willpower of a fantastic team and the family.

In short, you want to find the vacation Relax and what better way than to have all the information at your fingertips and in your language.