Revival in Sardinia


If you're looking for an adventure or a holiday to relax your body and mind Sardinia offers a huge selection of beaches, bays and a variaty of thermal baths, thalassotherapies ans SPA's. The island provides virtually everything from impressive rocky coasts to fantastic sandy beaches.

There are plenty of beach places renting out sunshades and sunbeds. The beach staff provides all the service you need and makes sure that the beaches stay clean. Experience the beauty of Sardinia's most famous coatslines from the Costa Smeralda in the north-east of the island, the Costa Rei in the southeast, the Costa del Sud southwest of Cagliari to the less-known Costa Verde in the west of Sardinia. The Sardinian weather is very pleasant, especially in spring. So treat yourself for a day or two by the beach without having to worry about the warm weather sweat. A pleasant breeze that prevails on the coasts will give you an additional relaxing feeling.

You can also find thermal baths all around Sardinia, from which 34-68° C hot springs, sulfur and sodium chloride-containing water. One is the thermal spa of San Saturnino near Benetutti , and there is also Fordongianus, Sardara "the Antiche terme di Sardara", and one in near the village of Santa Maria Coghinas.

There you can forget about all the stress and find your balance of life.